Stéphane  Vatinel

Stéphane Vatinel

An off-road cultural operator, for the last 20 years Stéphane Vatinel has been giving life (back) to places dedicated to art, leisure, and social innovation.
At the head of Sinny & Ooko, a cultural engineering company founded in 2008 to "create fun events and manage super places", he orchestrates the work, leading his teams to tackle a project from A to Z completely autonomously, from the first guidelines to programming content, and including decor, management, communication... at the same time as mastering the art of turning a constraint into an advantage.
An incubator for unusual ideas, his imagination is used to turn third places into good places for sharing that are rooted in their respective neighbourhoods and in harmony with society’s current concerns.
Sinny & Okoo now owns La Recyclerie, Pavillon des Canaux, Le Bar à Bulles, Machine du Moulin Rouge, and is awaiting others.